Tim de Graag | Architect | Furniture: oak table & bench
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Furniture: oak table & bench



Lately I have been working on the design of some custom made furniture for the renovation in Zierikzee. The modern intervention on the house is characterized by the use of natural oak and black steel components. This concept was the starting point for the long bench and narrow table as well. One of the biggest challenges was to design a bench which could cover a radiator. In collaboration with Dutch craftsman Casper Rutges the design has been optimized and built.

The process started by comparing different options to make hot air flow through the bench. The best solution consisted in placing quarter sawn flawless oak planks 12mm from each other, to create open joints . A special T-shaped steel connection has been developed in order to connect the different parts. This T-shaped profile has been attached to the legs with custom made oak dowels. The steel profile cantilevers support the plank above the radiator. This concept is the same used to design the table as well, which is relatively narrow to optimize the space of the room.

production: Meubelmaker Casper Rutges

Photography: Joep Rutgers