Tim de Graag | Architect | Sharp light in an empty house
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Sharp light in an empty house




These latest photographs of the old house in Zierikzee reveil the current state of the project. The building has been stripped down and the truth behind the plasterboard walls have been revealed. A mix of bricks from many different era’s show the rich history of the building. An old newspaper was found in between old walls proving the construction works that took place in the seventies. Now that the building has been stripped down to its wooden and brick core, the simplicity and beauty of the building becomes evident. Especially on the first floor the sharp light penetrates the building in a beautiful way, making clear shapes and deep shadows on the old wooden floors. Construction work by Bouwbedrijf Quant will continue in the first week of September by demolishing a recent chimney and by installing sky-lights in the renewed roof.


One of the few parts of the old brick wall which has not been damaged by grey bricks from the seventies.


An old newspaper from November 1970 was found.