Tim de Graag | Architect | Market Lab Paris
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Tim de Graag, Portfolio, architecture, rehabilitation, transformation, heritage, vacancy, design
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Market Lab Paris

Retail, mixed-use


Rue de Seine, Paris

A new conceptual and experimental restaurant near the center of Paris was asked in a competition back in 2012. This new restaurant is located next to the market ‘Saint-Germain’ on the crossing of Rue Lobineau and Rue de Seine. The restaurant will get a free-standing position and will offer a multifunctional program including conference spaces, lecture rooms and offices. Its mean is to celebrate the art of cooking from different cultures by asking the best chefs around the world to cook experimental dishes inside the Market Lab for a few months. During the evening several chefs should be able to cook different dishes for rooms with different atmospheres. During the day the building should operate as a school for the next generation of chefs.


Art of cooking

The relation between architecture and the art of cooking could be established by using architectural elements to design different spaces and atmospheres, without losing the possibility to change colors and materials. In this way each chef has the opportunity to adapt the space to his wishes.

A central core

The building has been designed around a central core which contains the kitchen, elevators and shafts. The three different restaurants have been piled up around this central core. The vertical window in the core gives a slight hint of the experiments taking place inside the Market Lab. In this closed environment the chef can design his dishes without being distracted.

Location Rue Lobineau / Rue de Seine, Paris (F)
Year 2012
Type Retail, mixed use
Surface 4000m2
In collaboration with
Fanny Dorelli (F) & Matteo Piras (IT)