Tim de Graag | Architect | First inventory: House with a view in Modena
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First inventory: House with a view in Modena




A visual inventory has been carried out in the past weeks on an apartment located next to the Panaro river near Modena, Italy. This unique location next to the famous ancient Roman road ‘Via Emilia’ offers an excellent view on the river, the woods and an historical bridge. However the project started already several years ago, work on the building came to an hold after the contractor went bankrupt in 2014. Ever since the building had been left half finished. The building was designed as a conventional and rather conservative apartment building. Many small rooms  under a wooden pitched roof identified the spaces. The first studies on a flexible and spacious floor-plan which exploits the good view have been done and in the next months the project will be further developed in order to restart construction work later this year with an adapted design.