House 20×3

Winner Dutch daylight award 2016


Location – Zierikzee, The Netherlands

Client – private, confidential

Size – 120 sqm

Contractor – Bouwbedrijf Quant

Status – built

Photography – Joep Rutgers

‘House 20×3’ Dutch Daylight award 2016

Appartamento Il borgo Sant’Ambrogio

Modena, Italy


Location – Ponte Sant’Ambrogio, Modena, Italy

Client – private, confidential

Size – 120 sqm

Project team – Tim de Graag, Camilla Ballotta

Status – Under construction

Appartamento Il borgo Sant’Ambrogio’ Q2 2020

House U

Twente, The Netherlands


Client – private, confidential

Size – 180 sqm

Architect – Reitsema & partners in collaboration with Tim de Graag

Project architect – Tim de Graag

House U’ in collaboration with Reitsema & partners architects

Steel table




Status – in progress

Frame – steel

Top – Multiplex HPL

A slender steel table’

Table & bench

solid oak and black steel


Construction – Meubelmakerij Casper Rutges

Status – built

Photography – Joep Rutgers

Table & bench, solid oak

“With great attention for the complex brief, the young architect came up with ingenious functional and spatial solutions, in which daylight plays a subtle main role. (…) The architect bended the existing section with great rigour to his will. This resulted in a wonderful and subtle sightline trough the entire property. He applied clever connections between the different levels and a central rooflight. This rooflight does not only fulfill its purpose, but from an architectural point of view it creates exceptional subtle differences in light and shadow, all thanks to its precisely chosen proportion, dimension and position.”

Jury Dutch Daylight Award